-cide Corduroy Pants
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-cide Corduroy Sweatpants

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These womens handmade designer sweatpants are tailored to exceed your fashion expectations. It's corduroy pants with dual-tone. One side of this handmade designer pant is corduroy and the other is white bull denim. It is not regular fashion wear rather its a limited edition designer fashion clothing. It is designed with the early 2000s in mind. These handmade designer sweatpants for women will be a pinnacle in future fashion. This handcrafted pant has been ethically produced with a slightly baggy fit. It will only be produced for a limited amount of time. 

  • Material: Corduroy and White bull Denim
  • Color: Mustard Yellow and White 
  • Fit: True to fit
  • Wash: Machine wash, cold