-cide Transparent Floral Clear Vinyl
-cide Transparent Floral Tops
-cide Transparent Floral Tops form Women
-cide Women Transparent Floral Tops
-cide Women Transparent Tops
-cide Transparent Tops for Women
-cide Transparent Tops
Transparent Floral Clear Vinyl

-cide Transparent Floral Jacket

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This elegant and handmade women's designer jacket is a masterpiece that will set you apart from the crowd. It is designed to draw attention. This handcrafted jacket has a unique style and is very distinct from the other womens designer jackets. Step out in this one of a kind piece designed by -cide. The beautiful floral pattern makes it a preferred choice for outdoors. It is an ideal outfit for warm weather. It comes in a variety of styles to go along with your personality. 

  • Material: PVC Material
  • Color: Multi-color
  • Fit: True to fit
  • Wash: Machine wash, delicate, cold